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The Hemingway App


Elisa started using The Hemingway App with some of her MA TESOL assignments, and thought others might find it useful.  Just click on “write”, copy and paste your text where the grey sample text is, and click “edit”.  It’s quite accurate, I found.

This would be useful if you have a story that you want to test with your students, or if you have a class that’s not following the curriculum normally.  You could also check the students’ writing so they can see what level they’re at (though I’d only recommend this for Levels 4 and 5).

As for writing like Hemingway… well, why in heaven’s name would you want to do that?!  Timothy Findley: we all want to write like Timothy Findley. 🙂

Hemingway App


English for Everyone Reading Comprehension


English for Everyone has a great reading comprehension section.  You can choose from grade-level readings or from the ability level section.

These texts have no images, so they’re a great way to test your students’ reading comprehension.  You can use the questions at the end of the texts.

The stories in the Beginner level are perfect for our school, as are the low-Intermediate stories.  By mid-intermediate, some of the stories are dealing with adult situations (a mortgage payment due the next day) which  most of our students won’t be able to connect with.  The Advanced level is almost entirely for adult classes.

If you need free worksheets for your students, you can find them from the main English for Everyone page.


Mystery Net


Mystery Net has good mysteries to solve (there’s the short Snack Shack mystery to begin with, and then The Case of the Ruined Roses).  I’m using this with a Level 2/3 class, and they love it.  The nice thing about mysteries is that you don’t have to ask comprehension or critical thinking questions: it’s clear when they understand it.  The search for clues has also kicked a couple of lazy readers into gear.

After this, you can play Baker Street (from Dave’s ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook.)).