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PowerPuff Yourself


This one is Sandra’s fault. ūüôā ¬†Sandra¬†is, by the way, notorious for finding websites that the kids love¬†ad nauseam.

This is a great site for beginners, especially those who believe they are too old for Starfall’s Who Am I? ¬†It’s the same idea: build a person with features and clothes. ¬†You can add accessories and backgrounds, too.

Got older teenagers or adults who need to practice this vocabulary? ¬†Try having them PowerPuff a famous actor, musician or athlete. (Can Lady Gaga be PowerPuffed?) ¬†After they’ve created their perfect character, feel free to help them write a story about person.


Fisher Price Painting Online


Fisher Price Painting Online


For young Beginners and low-Level 1 students.¬† Have them tell you what to paint and which colour they’d like.¬† Good for students who aren’t yet comfortable with sentences.

ESL Games Plus


Awesome new game site for everyone!  (Thanks, Stephanie!)  An easy way to introduce the boring-but-necessary vocabulary.

Crocodile Games¬†would be great for Beginners and Levels 1 and 2. ¬†The games with the light green backgrounds depend on audio (you’ll have to repeat what the game says), and the games with the dark green backgrounds depend on reading.¬†

The Memory Games are just like the ones on Hangmouse website; best of all, they have a Colours game for those who can’t get the old one to work!

If you have older students at lower levels (or scurvy scalliwags of any age), you can also play Pirate games.

Levels 2 and 3–and maybe even 4–may like the Spelling games.¬†

Levels 4 and 5 can beat their heads against the Connector games.

Of course, nothing is perfect: the Crocodile games have annoying background music that I can’t seem to get rid of on my computer. ¬†The Pirate games, though, were nice and silent. ūüôā