Summer Wordsearch


Elisa sent me a Summer Wordsearch from Primary Games.  Don’t forget to continue the conversation about the subtleties of ice cream!




13 Free Web Tools from MindShift


Even the most dedicated Luddite will be able to handle Padlet, and the rest of you can have fun with the real toys.  Here are 13 free web tools.  Not all of them will be useful for our classes, but they might provide that zap of inspiration for the uninspired.

MindShift is also a nice site for inspiring yourself.  While it’s geared towards the American public system, a good deal of it’s applicable to us, as well.


Picture Dictionaries


While we were having our virtual cup of tea last week, we were discussing the hazards of looking for images on Google.  (Have you ever forgotten to pause Go to Meeting and then had to do some quick cover-ups?)  Christine gave us these links for picture dictionaries.  The first two are pretty basic, but the last one has some good adjectives and verbs.

ESOL Help Online Picture Dictionary

EFLnet Vocabulary Index

Harcourt School Publishing Glossary