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PowerPuff Yourself


This one is Sandra’s fault. 🙂  Sandra is, by the way, notorious for finding websites that the kids love ad nauseam.

This is a great site for beginners, especially those who believe they are too old for Starfall’s Who Am I?  It’s the same idea: build a person with features and clothes.  You can add accessories and backgrounds, too.

Got older teenagers or adults who need to practice this vocabulary?  Try having them PowerPuff a famous actor, musician or athlete. (Can Lady Gaga be PowerPuffed?)  After they’ve created their perfect character, feel free to help them write a story about person.


Picture Dictionaries


While we were having our virtual cup of tea last week, we were discussing the hazards of looking for images on Google.  (Have you ever forgotten to pause Go to Meeting and then had to do some quick cover-ups?)  Christine gave us these links for picture dictionaries.  The first two are pretty basic, but the last one has some good adjectives and verbs.

ESOL Help Online Picture Dictionary

EFLnet Vocabulary Index

Harcourt School Publishing Glossary

Checking In at the Airport


Elisa sent me this website for adults who need to check in at the airport.  While the process will be slightly different for each airport, this website covers the basic terminology like “frequent flyer miles” and “international itineraries”.

United Hub–Check-in Options

Of course, if your student is a musician, you should also show them United Breaks Guitars. 🙂