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Animal Math


I can’t put this in the slides because of the copyright issues, but you can make the slide easily.  (To avoid the copyright kerfuffles, I just don’t send the slides to anyone.)

I was trying to introduce the concept of syllables to a bright group of 7-year-olds (Level 1).  We ended up doing this for five days, and suddenly syllables are Not An Issue.

If you do a Google search for “animal photoshop”, you’ll come up with some interesting creations.  I had the kids name these creations after identifying the syllables in the original names.

Here’s an example:

This is a Kangaphin or a Dolpharoo.

We started with two animals, and then went on to three:
Animal MathAfter the math, they were able to split their names into syllables, and then they started sounding out larger words by themselves.

If, by the way, you put up an image of a Squiger, you may have to pause the class while they all go for a bathroom break….



Dogo News


For those of you who use News In Levels but find the articles a little dry, Dogo News is a little more interesting.  Dogo doesn’t have the levels, but the articles are short and fairly basic–good for Levels 3 and 4, in any case.  The articles are geared to middle school students, and there are eleven categories to choose from (the twelfth is “video”, which probably won’t work with Go To Meeting and six students).