Learning Chocolate: Vocabulary Website


I’m not sure the kids will prefer it to chocolate, but Stephanie found a great site for practicing vocabulary.

Learning Chocolate has the typical vocabulary groups (weather, animals, clothing, action verbs) but it also has more advanced vocabulary such as hairstyles, Greek god symbols and internal organs.  Most of these advanced categories could be used to introduce vocabulary to the higher-level students, and then be used as speaking and writing prompts.   The best thing to do is to go to the main page and check it all out.

On the first page of each category is a list of about 10 words, with pictures and written words (go ahead and work on the students’ spelling).  There are also three “games”, the second of which usually doesn’t involve audio.  In any case, there’s also a cloze exercise (“fill in”) to do.

P.S.  If you end up with very difficult students (read: adults) who are floundering, you can also change the language at the top of the page: switch “use” to Chinese and “learn” to English.  We really don’t recommend doing this unless it’s absolutely necessary to get the student to understand, though.


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