Sesame Street


The kids in China have a vague understanding of Sesame Street, but most of them don’t actually watch it.  They’re fascinated to learn that the creatures on their t-shirts have names.

I’ve introduced the names of the main muppets by putting their pictures on the first page of the slides; every day, there’s a new monster to identify. The keeners have taken to looking up the names on the internet before I even finish saying “hello” to everyone.  (If you don’t know all the characters’ names–they’ve added some new ones since we were kids– there’s a Wiki page here.)

You can find free Sesame Street e-books here; the levels vary.

There are some games here, but they depend a lot on audio cues… and fast internet.

My favourite Sesame Street book, The Monster at the End of this Book, can be found online here.



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Theoretically, I am an English tutor, but that doesn't quite cover the E.S.L., the literacy, the history, the geography, the religion and the creative writing I teach. Alternative education fascinates me; a good deal of modern society frustrates me; my B.A.Creative Writing was interesting, but raising two children to adolescence has taught me much more than anything else has or will.

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