K12 Reader


This is one of those websites that makes me grit my teeth; unfortunately for me, not all my students like the chaotic creativity that I do.  For my exceedingly pragmatic class, I needed a straight-forward (read: positively medieval) reading site.  I found one.

K12 Reader has all those things that no-nonsense people like: word lists, phonics, grammar, and rather unexciting reading passages with comprehension questions.  Grade One focuses on phonics and letter blends; the other grades focus on scientific and math vocabulary (and get rather in-depth by Grade 4).  The writing prompts are very clear, logical prompts that are used in the English classes in China: they’re also very good for oral speech prompts, to prepare for a GESE or the like.

If your students are looking for something basic, ordinary and straight-forward, this is the place to find it.  The site would be excellent for beginner classes, students with certain learning disabilities, or those who just don’t want anything too way-out-there at such a late hour of the evening.


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