Data Creation


As you know, we’ve been working on the curriculum.  Writing curriculum for the younger learners is easy: we’ve had them from the pre-reading-and-writing stage so they have no problems speaking.  What can’t be understood through images can usually be done with a dictionary (not ideal, I know, but we’re lacking sensory input when doing this over the internet).

The problem arises with older students who’ve been “reading and writing” — in one form or another — for several years.  I found this video on YouTube that has given me a couple of ideas.  Let me know if you’ve got anything that would help us.


About theenglishmajor

Theoretically, I am an English tutor, but that doesn't quite cover the E.S.L., the literacy, the history, the geography, the religion and the creative writing I teach. Alternative education fascinates me; a good deal of modern society frustrates me; my B.A.Creative Writing was interesting, but raising two children to adolescence has taught me much more than anything else has or will.

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