Bilingual “Newspaper”


One of my students directed me to the 21st Century newspaper.  While 13-year-old girls seem to think it’s very boring (there’s a dearth of Johnny Depp), some other students may like the topics.  For younger students, you might try the BBC page which has topics such as owls and penguins.  The basketball die-hards might be interested in the Jeremy Lin Wordplay article (some of which should be dealt with very delicately).

The articles are written at a level 4/5, so they’ll need to be carefully selected and edited.  It’s convenient having the translation right there, though.


About theenglishmajor

Theoretically, I am an English tutor, but that doesn't quite cover the E.S.L., the literacy, the history, the geography, the religion and the creative writing I teach. Alternative education fascinates me; a good deal of modern society frustrates me; my B.A.Creative Writing was interesting, but raising two children to adolescence has taught me much more than anything else has or will.

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