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English For Young Learners


English For Young Learners is a good site for reading resources.  You could use it with students anywhere from high Level 1 – Level 5.  The stories come with pre-reading activities (new words, etc.)  The more difficult stories have been re-written using easier language.

It’s a good site for taking students from the “I’ll only read an article” to “A whole story: no problem!”

Classic stories, many of which our students are already familiar with, can be found here.


Penguin Soccer


Penguins Play Soccer with Chinese Antarctic Explorers


A great little snippet in the newspaper about some penguins that played soccer with Chinese explorers in Antarctica.  There are 6 photos.  This would make for an interesting discussion for younger kids, or for older kids who have studied penguins, Antarctica, etc.  Most of the students have seen Happy Feet, so they should be able to make some good connections.