Human Library


Have a look at this newspaper article. Freaking cool….

Human Library

Particularly with my older students, I’m always harping about being creative and thinking beyond the school work.

I’ve pared the article down to something simpler that we can use with our students (Level 3).

Human Library
(人) (图书馆)

Li Xingning always dreamed of being a librarian. This Christmas, her dream came true, only her books are real people.

Beijing’s first human library opened Saturday, December 24, 2011, with many readers and six “living books” exchanging (交换) stories and ideas.

In a human library, the “books” are real people who talk to the “readers”. They tell interesting stories about their lives. The readers get to know who the “books” are and the way they live.

Some of the “books” in the human library are a musician (音乐家), a housewife (家庭主妇) and an architect (建筑师).

Li Xingning says there will be at least one “human book” at the library every day. But the readers can’t take the book out of the library!

The library also has an online version, so people outside Beijing can share their stories.


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