Speech Topics


I have my students do a speech every week.  The topics are optional – they’re free to talk about anything they like – but this gives them an idea.  Doing these speeches will prepare them for BETS, GESE, TOEFL, etc.

Level 1 students are expected to talk for one minute; Level 2s should talk for 2 minutes; Level 3s for three minutes, etc.  If they can’t think of what to say for the allotted time, I’ll ask questions to spur them on.  I don’t interrupt them to correct grammatical errors unless they’ve asked me to do so (usually at the higher levels).

Levels 1-3 are given 3 minutes to prepare: to look up words in the dictionary and organise their topics.  Levels 4 and 5 are given only one minute to prepare.


The Topics

1. Exercise
2. Sports
3. Computers
4. Animals
5. Homework
6. TV (is it good or bad, what do you like to watch, etc.)
7. Movies
8. Favourite song
9. School
10. Your favourite book
11. Your favourite toy when you were little
12. Chocolate
13. Cake
14. Babies
15. Family photographs
16. Eyes
17. Robots
18. A famous monument
19. Fire
20. Going to the doctor
21. Your neighbourhood
22. Taking photographs
23. Give a short biography of a famous person
24. Doing chores
25. Cell phones
26. Jokes
27. World peace
28. Brothers and Sisters
29. Poetry
30. Chinese food vs. American food
31. Describe something beautiful (use all 5 senses)
32. Fur coats: good or bad?
33. Your favourite teacher
34. Shopping
35. Tell a story (you can tell one you’ve read, but don’t actually read it)
36. Your favourite website
37. Fads
38. What’s bugging you? (Talk about insects.)
39. Superheroes
40. Your favourite character from a book, tv show or movie
41. Your favourite city
42. A current event
43. Your favourite historical figure
44. Your 3 favourite means of transportation
45. Three things you want to learn to do



  • Christmas
  • Spring Festival
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • New Year’s Day
  • Tomb Sweeping Day

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